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Janice Wagner, oil painter Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton, Washington, Pacific Northwest

Janice Wagner's love affair with painting began in 1987 in the natural settings of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. She would seek out an enchanting spot, and spend hours observing and painting watercolors. 'The longer I sat, the more marvelous it all appeared, 'til every tiny leaf seemed miraculous in its beauty and design. I was hooked!'

As a freelance artist, Janice Wagner has provided multimedia art services throughout the state. She has painted stage sets for theaters and has had numerous commissions for murals and portraiture, including murals for schools, trade shows and restaurants. Between 2005-2008, she completed forty-eight 1950's storefront murals for upscale assisted living communities throughout the west coast. Her mural work is also appreciated in residential settings.

In 1994, while studying portraiture in New Hampshire, Janice discovered the exciting medium of theatre sketching. In collaboration with the Tacoma Actor's Guild, she sketched actors in costume during dress rehearsals, and turned TAG's lobby into an art gallery at the opening of each play. Capturing figures in motion continues to energize her work.

Janice has traveled extensively - to Spain, France, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Cuba, Japan - and creates art wherever she goes in the form of sketch journals and watercolors.

As a certified arts educator with a master's degree in art education, Janice has helped students of all ages develop their artistic abilities. In 2002, Janice facilitated students in an international art exchange between Tacoma, WA and sister city Cienfuegos, Cuba. She has served many art residencies in schools around the region, and developed projects from the History of Logging in Washington, The Four Elements of Native American lore, Landmarks of Tacoma, and Native Plants and Animals. She currently teaches drawing, painting and pottery as a Career and Technical Education specialist at Bremerton High School in Bremerton, WA.

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